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Tool Box

Project Toolbox

Every project needs a toolbox to help you accomplish your goals.  It's no different from applying to a college, applying for a scholarship, or applying for a job.  We will provide you with templates to assist you with formatting letters of recommendation, requests for recommendations, resumes, scholarship application letters, cover letters, and other templates to assist you in becoming successful in reaching your goals.

Complete and save the High School Accomplishment Reference, then attach it to a letter of recommendation request to make it easier for the person to complete your letter of recommendation, or to keep a quick reference for you while you are filling out applications or resumes. 

The Letter of Recommendation Request form can be used if you would like a letter of recommendation from a Teacher, Counsellor, or Administrative Staff.  Please remember to give them plenty of time to complete your letters of recommendation, and provide them with as much information about you as you can, so they can better recommend you. I great place to start is with the High School Accomplish Reference described above.